The little donkey

the little donkey


"The little donkey", a fairy tale short in itself of the brothers Grimm, tells between the lines the long history of the development of a personality:

To a king's pair is born at place of the desired child a little donkey. It has special love to the music and learns the sound play - actually, impossibly for a hoofed animal against all opposition.

When it recognises his true shape, it moves sadly in the world. It comes to a king with just one, but wonderful daughter. The heart of the princess opens to him the sounds and also the king recognises his special abilities. A wonderful wedding is celebrated. In the intimacy of the first night he throws down his donkey skin and shows his true shape.

The sensitive music is specially composed by Gregory Charamsa, Straubing.
Duration: 55 min, for adults and children over 5 years