Pendel-Marionette-Festival, Hohebuch-Waldenburg

Pendel Marionette Festival

The Pendel Marionette Festival is held every two years, always in autumn and always in years with an even number. The venue is the course centre in Hohebuch-Waldenburg near Schwäbisch Hall.

All spectacles are played by participants of the marionette courses.

It is aimed at all age groups and offers a fantastic variety of marionette performance: from picture book stories, fables, fairy tales, myths and fantasy stories full of poetry, to literary and satirical subjects.  The modes of performance are equally varied:
Some players play solo or form groups and put on more complex productions, while others present one scene as part of a bigger programme, or take part in one of the many joint productions. Every participant finds an opportunity to appear at least once or probably several times. Wherever one looks, the marionettes are brought to life, creating a magical world of the imagination.


Pendel Marionetten Festival - Report 2014

Pendel Marionette Festival report 2014

Pendel Marionetten Festival - Report 2012

Pendel Marionette Festival report 2012

Pendel Marionetten Festival • Video 2012

Pendel Marionette Festival video 2012