The Pendel control bar

Head and hand

1. The control bar
handle is helt
by all four fingers
of a hand. The thumb
moves the leg pendulum. The basic adjustment of the hands is controlled by the arm jibs. They are fully adjustable in all

Just like a human

mouvement of the

head , the turn takes places in the following


Lowering –

Tilting – Turning

– Straightening up

3. Each hand has
its own second
control bar and
can thus be
moved in a very

4. Waving


5. The back string
is of great significance.
As it leads to the
marionette‘s centre of gravity it enables
expressive positions.

6. If, as in this case, the arm jibs are adjusted appropriately, head, body, arms and hands will move in tune with each other – only by turning the control bar and holding the back string.

7. Crawling. Again, the control bar is turned, and at the same time the leg pendulum is moved with your thumb.

8. Getting up or kneeling down.