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marionettes book

Marionettes possess a magical force that casts a spell on all who have contact with them.

“At rest, a marionette is a sculpture. In motion, played as an instrument, it is a being with a personality of its own.” Marlene Gmelin and Detlef Schmelz have made it their task to fulfil both these challenges. With vast imagination and skill, they design, make and bring to life a breathtaking diversity of marionettes. Whether magician or aphid, polar bear or ballerina, the beings they create, moving on their silk threads, are full of poetry, grace and lightness. The authors show how easy-to-play figures are made and what elements are involved in good, life-like playing. Their work has won them
international awards. This book with its many pictures will be a source of fascination and enrichment to all marionette lovers - whether experienced players, knowledgeable collectors or awestruck spectators.

The authors
Marlene Gmelin and Detlef Schmelz have devoted their lives to marionettes. Since the 1970s, they have been engaged in making complex theatre figures. And for almost just as long, they have been performing marionette theatre and passing on their knowledge in special courses. Using mostly mime language, their theatre is understood worldwide. They present their poetic works both internationally and in
their own theatre at home in a small village in Hohenlohe/Germany.

Marlene Gmelin· Detlef Schmelz Marionetten· Marionettes

24,5 x 33 cm, 148 pages, coloured


ISBN 978-3-89929-281-7

Swiridow Verlag

35 .- €

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