Ben, the bear and the dream fish sailors

ben the bear

A circus event can not take place because there are no artists. In a fantastic fish ship a little bear goes in search.
He traveled by and by all continents and gathers artists from around the world: an elephant from Africa, being from the land of the morning, a kangaroo from Australia, a penguin from Antarctica, a coyote from America and finally the fabled unicorn of the lilac woods England. A stork, a koala, a cockatoo come in to play.
Back in the circus they give a spectacular performance. The elephant dancing a waltz, the kangaroo juggling, the Penguin plays the barrel organ, the unicorn will appear at the moon pond, Stork and Kakadu dance a pas de deux, the Koala is running on stilts and Sammy from Texas shows daredevil feats on the trapeze. Pictures of great comedy and magical grace alternate.

For adults and children over 5 years, playing time: 80 minutes. A break after 40 minutes is possible.
For pure groups of children, we offer an abbreviated version of 50 minutes.
Music composed  by Gregory Charamsa, Straubing